Pictures With Deep Meaning

  • Poor and Rich

  • This is the truth.

  • How social media has changed us

  • Knowledge is Power
  • More than half of the world is starving.
  • Education

  • War


Paradoxes in the field of Time Travel

There are three major paradoxes related to time travel. In science fiction, these have been extensively used, so much so that most time travel movies have become predictable.


Let’s start with the most famous one, and the easiest to understand: The Grandfather paradox.

The scenario is simple. Somehow, in the future, you are able to travel through time. And just because you feel bored right now, you decide to travel back in time, even before you were born, just to see what would happen if you killed your grandfather.

The Paradox here is because you have altered a significant event that is related your personal timeline. Your grandfather’s death would inevitably affect your birth, and thus, you would never be born. And if you were never born, you couldn’t have travelled back in time and killed your grandfather.

Note: This would work even if you kill your younger self, or even your parents. These kind of situations are referred to as the grandfather paradox.

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Common life mistakes young people make

      • Being in hurry. To find the right person, the right career, the right job. When you are young, you want it all to happen all at once, before you even have a chance to figure yourself out. Take your time.
      • Thinking that love is a feeling. Love is a choice, and a commitment.  It’s something you do, not something you feel. Trust those who act like they love you, not just those who say that they do.
      • Drugs and alcohol can be addictive, which means that they will make you do things you normally wouldn’t do. Pay attention and be cautious with them.
      • Living to work, instead of working to live.  Never pass up a good thing.
      • If you think you can’t make a difference, you probably won’t. There is no margin in being a cynic.
      • Thinking that your parents aren’t as human as you are.  And taking them for granted: they won’t be around forever.

Is banning porn sites a breach of our Fundamental Rights or not ?

It is not a breach of our Fundamental Rights as ‘Right to watch free porn’ is not a Fundamental Right in India. Nor is it a part of right to freedom of speech and expression.

If you are to argue it though, it would be stymied by Reasonable restrictions.

Every Right is subject to reasonable restrictions and they are defined under Art 19 (2) of the Constitution. They are the following –

Security of the State
Friendly relations with foreign States
Public order
Decency and morality
Contempt of court
Incitement to an offence 
Sovereignty and integrity of India

These above 8 are the restrictions on our Fundamental Rights. As you see, porn would come under ‘Decency and morality’ and therefore our right in that respect can be curbed by the state.

What is economics ?

One day a tourist comes to the only hotel in a debt ridden town in Kenya. He lays a 100 dollar note on the table & goes to inspect the rooms. Hotel owner takes the note & rushes to pay his debt to the butcher. Butcher runs to pay the pig farmer. Pig farmer runs to pay the feed supplier. Supplier runs to pay the prostitute, who in these hard times gave her services on credit. Prostitute then runs to pay off her debt to the hotel owner for the rooms she rented for her clients. Hotel owner then lays the 100 dollar note back on the counter. The tourist comes down, takes his money & leaves as he did not like the rooms.

No one earned anything. But the town is now without debt & looks to the future with a lot of optimism.

Anchor Effect – How does Anchor effect change price dramatically ?

Anchor Effect – Where you plant a number in someone’s mind and change their way of looking at things.


Simple example is the above image where you sell something at $199, by just showing a big number to someone like $500 , this $500 has just a simple role of planting that big number in buyers mind and nothing else.

Lets see another example where you want DONATION Continue reading

Why do we fall asleep during lectures?

John Medina, in his book Brain Rules, introduces data that forms the following graph:


The data shows that student attention level takes a dive, approximately 10 minutes into a lesson.  This is a natural occurrence (and I believe the reason YouTube videos were initially limited to <9 minutes), but can be dealt with by a good instructor.  The problem is most instructors (particularly at the university level) know next to nothing about the learning process and instructional theory.  A good instructor will introduce variation into a lesson every 10 minutes to regain the students’ attention (as depicted in the below graph).


This variation can be accomplished in many ways – from inserting a student activity to asking questions or otherwise soliciting involvement from the students to changing the delivery style or mechanism.

The problem is that so many instructors see instructing as a one-way communication.  If a student is not contributing to the communication, they lose focus and many literally go to sleep.

There are other triggers for sleeping during lessons, such as eating a large meal immediately before the lesson, poor ventilation in the classroom, and tired students.