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  • Poor and Rich

  • This is the truth.

  • How social media has changed us

  • Knowledge is Power
  • More than half of the world is starving.
  • Education

  • War


Paradoxes in the field of Time Travel

There are three major paradoxes related to time travel. In science fiction, these have been extensively used, so much so that most time travel movies have become predictable.


Let’s start with the most famous one, and the easiest to understand: The Grandfather paradox.

The scenario is simple. Somehow, in the future, you are able to travel through time. And just because you feel bored right now, you decide to travel back in time, even before you were born, just to see what would happen if you killed your grandfather.

The Paradox here is because you have altered a significant event that is related your personal timeline. Your grandfather’s death would inevitably affect your birth, and thus, you would never be born. And if you were never born, you couldn’t have travelled back in time and killed your grandfather.

Note: This would work even if you kill your younger self, or even your parents. These kind of situations are referred to as the grandfather paradox.

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